Introduction: SwingSwingSwing

If you love swinging and want to take your swing everywhere follow this instructable and make your own portable swing.

Step 1: Things You'll Need.


Free to choose but make sure it can carry a full grown person.

I used white polypropylene rope 20m.


Multiplex, 2 pieces the measurements are:

Big piece : 29,5 cm length

21,5 width

8mm height

Smaller piece: 27 cm length

17,5 cm width

8mm height

A drill

A little lock

A saw

A Carbine hook


Step 2: Step Two

Find the centre of the biggest piece of wood and draw a circle with the largest length drawn from the middle.

Saw off the rough edges and polish them with the sandpaper.

Step 3: Step Three

Time to drill.

Drill a hole in the centre make sure to make it a little bigger not much just slightly bigger than the 8mm of the rope.

Now drill another hole on the other line that you drew when finding the centre.

Step 4: Step Four

Now time to start on the smallest piece of wood.

Find the centre again and drill a hole in the centre. Drill 2 other holes on the ¼ and the ¾.

Step 5: Step Five

Saw a piece from the left hole to the edge of the piece and polish of the rough edges.

Place the pieces of the lock 1 cm away from the hole; mark the wood where you should drill (in my case) six screws. And do it.

Step 6: Step Six

Decorate those pieces however you like and become the next Picasso.

Step 7: Step Seven

Time to add some rope to the mix.

Start with the sitting piece and go through the centre pulling the rope through until there is about 1,5m left.

Take the small piece of wood and go through the centre again. So there is about 1,20m between the 2 pieces.

Having done these steps you should have something like this.

Now take the short piece and go through the second hole in the sitting piece of wood and pull it through. Take the second piece of wood and pull the rope through the hole that doesn’t have a passage. Knot it with a normal knot.

Step 8: Step Eight

Add a weight on the other end of the rope. I used a carbine hook. This will give your rope a way to get down when thrown over a branch.

Step 9: Step Nine

The length of this side of the rope should be about 9m. No make a loop in the rope every meter.

To use the swing you throw the long piece over the branch and pull it down, hook it in the smallest piece of wood lock the little lock and you are ready to swing.

Step 10: Finished Product

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Your swing is the best, because of the artwork! Grand prize!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! This means a lot to me!