Switching High Current Loads With Arduino(Logic Level Mosfet FQP30N06L)

Introduction: Switching High Current Loads With Arduino(Logic Level Mosfet FQP30N06L)

This instructables explains how to turn on-off high current drawing loads from a different source with arduino digital pin. In order to accomplish this basic circuit we are gonna need a logic level mosfet. These mosfets turn on if they receive voltage above their threshold Gate-Source voltage. (Vgs(threshold)). This means we can control gate voltage by using arduino uno digital pins those supply 5V. FQP30N06L is suitable for this application since it is a 32A 60V N-channel mosfet with Vgs(thres)=2.5V(max). Best part of this mosfet is it can work with gpio output voltages at 3.3V such as raspberry pi, arduino pro mini 3.3V version.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

If you are familiar with mosfets then you should know the component has three pins consist of Gate- Drain-Source. We connect gate to the Arduino any digital pin you want and be sure all GNDs are connected together(also connect GND pin to source). Then we connect our load between Drain and Power supply(in my case 18650 battery) we want (Vcc) From the arduino IDE you should be able to write a code below,

pinMode(pin, INPUT);

digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);

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