Symptoms Detector (Pseudo - Covid19)

Introduction: Symptoms Detector (Pseudo - Covid19)

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***Clarification since people are not reading all the article !!!***

This is my try to help, I made it to inspire and to share my idea. it works only to detect the symptoms and NOT the covid19 itself.My major problem was and remain - to unique the disease from it's symptoms. Enjoy reading.Lets begin: ⚙️"Pseudo" COVID19 Detector, Using MQ-9 sensor. Calibration was made using:Fresh air 🌬, cool air(using 5v DC fan) 💨, fire(from a matches)🔥.How it works 🛠: 1)Calibration of the MQ-9 2)Exposure to fresh/cool/hot air (as shown in the dynamic plot- the high jump is due exposure to dense air- smoke)

Step 1: How the Graph Looks Like Depending on Temperature/Air Density

Step 2: Lets Continue

3)Calculation which transforms the air pressure/density to temperature4)if the temperature is between 36.6C-37.6 - everything is fine, otherwise the LEDS (4):[blue-common cold-sneezed nose, red-Fever, green-High particles density, white-Low particles density] are on.

So, Why "pseudo"? Well since it was never really tested on humans and i'm quite sure it is working but not necessarily for corona virus for example it can detect:Fever, common cold etc... by mistake ❌
MQ-9 Specifications📝: [Recommendation: open dynamic plotter while testing] How to Calibrate the MQ-9 sensor: [full guide: ] Diagram (special thanks to ElectroPeak)

Step 3: General Knowledge About MQ- X Sensors:

Step 4: The Code

I hope you will find this project practical, fun and maybe improve it from pseudo detector to a TRUE detector!



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    Roy Ben Avraham

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    Hi man, Can you write in English? Cheers.