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Introduction: T Shirt Canvas

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This is a cool way to repurpose any old t shirt turning it into cool looking wall art. I used an old eminem shirt that I got at a concert. This is a pretty basic project to make. I mounted mine onto a piece of plywood. You could also mount it on a canvas or any other type of wood. I used screws to attach my shirt, other options would be to staple or nail. The size of the wood will be determined by the image you have on your shirt. I added a hook on the back so I could attach it to the wall.

This is what I used to attach shirt

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

old t shirt




drill bits


sand paper

wall hanging bracket


Step 2: Making


Start by taking your old t shirt and laying it out flat. Measure the image that you want displayed. The width of mine was 14 inches long. The height I cut my wood to was 8 inches. Cutting it at 14 inches gives t shirt space around the image so the image doesn't get stretched around the wood.


After you have your wood cut take your shirt and lay it on the wood with the image facing outward. Center the image on the piece of wood. Make sure the neck circle is folded behind the wood. Then wrap the sleeves behind the wood. Then fold over the bottom of the shirt behind the wood. Strech the shirt so that front image is flat. The bottom of the shirt was longer than the wood when folded over so I took a scissors and cut the shirt shorter so that I could fold it behind and didn't have over the edge. You could also trim the sleeves if you wish. The main thing is you want the shirt on the back to sit as flat as possible so that when it against the wall it doesn't stick out to far. You could even iron the shirt when on the wood. (both front and back)


Once you have your shirt laid down where you want it mounted start screwing it down. You should have a good idea of how the sleeves and back will sit. I folded over the top first screw down the t shirt around the neck circle. Then fold over your arm sleeves and screw them down also. You can screw the sleeves into the top folded over. Then fold over the bottom and screw it down. I poked a small hole in the shirt with the screw before screwing down so it didn't bunch up the shirt. Make sure the screw are not longer then the width of the wood so they don't poke threw. Otherwise a staple gun would work good for this part. Add a hanging bracket and your done.

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