T-Shirt Quilt

Introduction: T-Shirt Quilt

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Stitch up T-Shirt Quilt with 16 Fat Quarters and recycled shirts. Finished Size 66 " X 80".

Step 1: Materials List

Shopping List:
  • 16 Fat quarters (17 "X 20"),
  • Recycled clean t-shirts,
  • Fuse-A-Knit to stabilize t-shirts ,
  • Batting Twin size,
  • 4 yards Backing fabric,
  • 1 can basting spray adhesive,
  • Walking Foot sewing machine attachment

Step 2: Gather & Snap Picture

Gather fabrics & t-shirts. Take a picture to review your selection.

Step 3: 16 Fat Quarters

Cut 17 X 20

Step 4: Stitch Together

Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance with right sides together STITCH

Step 5: Fuse-a-knit

Follow directions to iron fuse- a - knit to the back side of t-shirt logo. Stitch on with a decorative stitch.

Step 6: Layer Backing & Batting

Cut Backing & Batting 6"longer & 6" wider. Layer Backing wrong side facing up. Spray basting adhesive spray Start in center and spray . Layer Batting and smooth out wrinkles. Spray adhesive on Batting Layer T-Shirt quilt on Batting. Smooth out wrinkles. Or Safety pins can be used to hold layers

Step 7: Quilt Layers

Use a walking foot attachment. Lengthen stitch 3.6 Stitch down center next to seams. Stitch t-shirts onto quilt.

Step 8: Finish

CAREFULLY Trim off excess batting even with the t-shirt quilt top layer. Cut Backing 2" larger on all 4 sides. Fold Backing edge 2 times & stitch to quilt top

Step 9: Backing

 Fold Backing edge 2 times & stitch to quilt top.

Step 10: Stitch

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Backing fabric Minkee adds all the cuddly wonderful to this project.