Introduction: T-Structables: How to Secretly Use a Computer

In this Instructable, I will teach you how to use a computer, and leave no evidence that you were ever even on in the first place! By the end of this Instructables, you'll be an expert at secret computer browsing!

Step 1: Internet Browsing

If you plan on using an Internet on the computer you on, your going to need to cover up the evidence. In order to cover the evidence, you need to:

1. Erase all Internet browsing history
2. Clear Google search history
3. Take care of downloaded files (Next Step)

Erase all Internet browsing history

To wipe the history, go to Tools > Internet Options. A new window should pop up. Click the "Delete..." button. Another window should pop up. Click the "Delete History..." button. Now sit back and watch the magic!

Clear Google search history

!!WARNING!! This step can only be done if the computer has the Google tool bar installed. If it doesn't, I recommend not using Google, because it saves your searches.

To clear the Google search history, goto your Google search tool bar and click the little down-arrow. Then click "Click History". You're Done! (Well, with this step at least)

Step 2: Take Care of Downloaded Files

Once your done browsing the Internet, you may have downloaded some files. If not, skip this step.

Whatever it is that you downloaded, you probably want to run it/open it. That's all fine. Once you're done using the file(s), You have to delete the file(s). You're not done yet. Open the recycle bin and click "Empty the Recycle Bin". Now your done. (Almost)

Step 3: Take Care of Files. Again.

We need to finish up clearing evidence of files. Downloaded or not. First click the start button, then "My Recent Documents" Any file you opened will show up in the list, deleted or not. Any file you don't want to show up there, just right click it and click "Delete" Repeat for any other files you viewed.

Step 4: Finish Up

Check that you've covered all the evidence. Check that you've:

1. Cleared Internet Browsing History
2. Deleted and cleared all unwanted files
3. Cleared the Google history (If possible)
4. Cleared recent files

You're all done! Now go out and f&@# up your friends laptop!