TAD 330 Final

Introduction: TAD 330 Final

Here I will show you how to design and assemble a vice

Step 1: Base

Sketch the base

Step 2: Extrude Base

Step 3: Sketch Onto Base

Step 4: Extrude

Step 5: Sketch Path for Jaw

Step 6: Extrude Path

Step 7: Sketch Fastener

Step 8: Extrude Fastener

Step 9: Mirror Fasteners Using Shown Axis

Step 10: Sketch Jaw

Step 11: Extrude Jaw

Step 12: Sketch Cutouts

Step 13: Cut Them Out

Step 14: Sketch Arc

Step 15: Extrude Arc

Step 16: Sketch Hole

Step 17: Cut Out Hole

Step 18: Sketch Key

Step 19: Extrude Key

Step 20: Sketch Screw

Step 21: Revolve Screw

Step 22: Chamfer

Step 23: Sketch Hole

Step 24: Cut Out Hole

Step 25: Sketch Rod

Step 26: Revolve Rod

Step 27: Sketch Knob

Step 28: Chamfer Both Sides

Step 29: Sketch Hole

Step 30: Cut Out Hole

Step 31: Start Assembly

Place base grounded at origin

Step 32: Add Jaw Piece

Step 33: Add Two Keys

Step 34: Constrain Keys

Step 35: Constrain Jaw

Step 36: Add Screw

Step 37: Constrain Screw

Step 38: Add Rod

Step 39: Constrain Rod to Screw

Step 40: Place Two Knobs

Step 41: Constrain Knobs

Step 42: Complete

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