TECHolder (ITE)

Introduction: TECHolder (ITE)

TECHolder is a assistive device for user to navigate and use their smart devices with one hand.

Features of TECHolder:

- Single Hand Operation

- Free to Rotate

- Secure and Stable

- Easy and Comfortable Viewing in Either Orientation

Step 1: STL Files and 3D Printing

Attached are the STL files.

We have used 3D printing to fabricate the models:

3D Printer: Flashforge Creator 3

Material: PLA

Step 2: Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials:

1) Magnet Holder (3D Printed)

2) Coupling (3D Printed)

3) Ring (3D Printed)

4) M4 Screw x1

5) M4 Insert x 2

6) 20mm Neodymium Magnet

Step 3: Assembly of TECHolder

Do assembled the TECHolder as per attached photo.

Screw insert are required to install in the Coupling and Ring.

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