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hi in this instructables i am going to share how i made this terminal controlled rover.the best part is that i didn't use any coding or any micro controller.this is the simple way to demonstrate how the set of instruction method works.set of instructions is the method that space agencies are using to control planetary rovers.

Step 1:

hardware requirements are similar to my WIFI DTMF ROBOT

video is available on my you tube channel

Diy robot chassis

Dtmf decoder

Motor driver


mobile phone

sound server app (i am using soundwire app)

ip camera app (i am using ipwebcam app)

Step 2:

to make this i am using my diy robot chassis now modified as two layer chassis.first i am connecting my diy motor driver to the motors.then i am connecting my dtmf module with motor driver.

Step 3:

the connections are:-

dtmf modules 4 data output pins to motor drivers 4 input pins

dtmf output to mobile through 3.5 mm jack

a battery (3.7v) connected to power both dtmf module and motor driver module

a separate battery (7.2v) for motors through motor driver

Step 4:

finally i am adding the upper layer of chassis and then i place a cardboard box to
hold my mobile and we are ready to go...

Step 5:

on my pc i am using soundwire server application for establishing wireless sound connection with my phone.i am also using ipwebcam app for getting live feed on my pc. both apps are availabe on play store.most importantly download dtmf tones from inrenet or record on your phone and place it on a folder rename it like 3 = "s" means stop, 0 = "l" means left, 5 = "r" means right, 6 = "f" means forward, 9 = "b" means backward.
now to control the rover first open terminal (ctrl + alt + t). then go to that folder/directry using command "cd ~/directory name". {i am using command line sound player ogg123 you can use any other player like aplay,mp3123 etc.i am also using sleep command that provides a specific time delay between command execution.} give your command such as "ogg123 f.ogg;sleep 4;ogg123 s.ogg" this makes your robot move forward for four second then stop.give it different set of instructions and enjoy....for more detail go to my youtube page mohanty.