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This is quick and easy way to mange your remotes, especially if you have some of the smaller remotes for a sound bar or especially the remote for the Apple TV. I was constantly losing it. So I tied a string to it and the ties the other end to the larger remote. The form was there but the function wasn't.... The string kept falling off and getting tangled and it just wasn't easy to use the remote. I'm not sure if this has been done already, but this is what I came up with and it works great.

The bicycle inner tube I used is a smaller size (1" inch) its the perfect size and works great. It secures tightly onto the smaller remotes yet is still big enough to stretch over the larger remotes.
•Cut the inner tube into desired length
•Stretch and fit the one end of the tube over the correct end of the remote and then do the same to the opposite end.
•The Buddy System in now in effect.
•Pair up and mix and match all your Buddies
•Larger remotes 2 people makes this step much easier. One person stretches the end of tube open while the other pushes the end of the remote into the tube.
•Smaller Remotes: Rolling the end of the tube to make a cuff (Apple Remote) made for a more snug and nice tight fit.

Truly one of the simple pleasures in life and one of favorite feelings is when you have a idea and that flash of genius comes to you and then when you put it all together and it works! Life is good!

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