Introduction: THE OMG BOOKSHELF!!!

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A magical hybrid of the two best bookshelves out there ; Here comes "The OMG Bookshelf"

This bookshelf is a stunning combination of fungus amungus's inverted bookshelf and 2 levitating bookshelves. This looks absolutely amazing and magical and will cause a moment of disbelief in whomsoever seeing it for the first time. This is fairly easy to make and a must weekend project. With that being said, let's start making it....


Following are the requirements :-

1. Wood(3 pcs.)Mine were sized :-

1 pc of 30 inches × 10 inches
2 pcs. of 15 inches × 10 inches

2. Elastic

3. Nails

4. Screws

5. Hammer

6. Drill

7. Shelf Mounts × 2

8. Well sized L-Brackets × 4

9. Books

10. Pencil

11. Ruler

12. Help this instructable by Anirudh Ralhan (hee...hee...)

And that's it. Let's start making it....


Take the longer board (30 inches × 10 inches) and place on it the books you want to mount on the inverted bookshelf in the same order you want. Mark the starting and ending of all books from both sides and join these points to obtain reference lines.

Now, Take your first book and place the fully stretched elastic over its cover, top and backcover to see how much fully stretched elastic is required to hold the book in place. Cut out the required elastic including a bit extra length to help fix it on the wooden board. Nail the elastic onto the reference lines as shown in the pics. I found it best to overlap and nail the ending of first and the starting of the second elastic. Do this till all the reference lines are covered. Keep putting in books occasionally to see if the fit or not. Also make sure that the elastic should be tight enough that the books should not fall once the shelf is inverted. Erase all the reference lines once all the elastics are nailed.

How to insert books : Take the first book and put all the pages and back cover through the elastic, leaving the front cover out. If the books are of same height, then only do this to the first and last book and put the books in between normally. If there is any height variation, then you need to do this to all the books where the height varies. This makes the whole inverted bookshelf thing more believable.

Step 3: Making the Levitating Bookshelf...

Take the wooden pieces measuring 10 inches × 15 inches and drill holes in it in accordance to the holes of the L bracket. Thesr L brackets measures 15 cm × 15 cm (approx.) and were custom made. You can ask any welder to make this. Remember : Mark twice, drill once. You need two L-Brackets parallel to each other, located at equal distance from the bottom to make one levitating shelf. We need two shelves, so, make another one similar to it. Once both shelves are ready, put a little piece of double sided foam tape below the L bracket, as shown in the pics.

Step 4: Mounting the Inverted Bookshelf...

Now, it's time to mount the inverted bookshelf. Take your shelf mounts and fix the shelf on the wall. Just mark, drill, screw and fix. I put all the books in the elastic to check how it looked and trust me, it looked great!!!

Step 5: Attaching the Levitating Bookshelves....

Take your levitating bookshelf and mark its center along its side. Also mark the center of the side of inverted bookshelf. Align them and nail them together with some long nails. Do this on both sides of the bookshelf.

Putting books :
Take a big book for making the base of the levitating books. On the inside of its back cover, mark where the double sided tape will occur when the book is placed on the bracket. In the marked spaces, put some clear plastic tape as shown in the pictures. This doesn't ruin the book and you can read it anytime you want. The plastic tape attaches and detaches easily to the double tape. Put all the pages of book on the L bracket, leaving the back cover. Then, remove the covering of the double sided tape and stick the back cover on the Double sided tape below the L brackets via the clear plastic tape. Once done, stack books on top of it, covering the L brackets. Do this on both sides.

Step 6: Viola!!! We Made It!!!

And Viola!!! We just made our Amazingly cool and Awesome OMG BOOKSHELF. It's a really cool thing to show off to your friends. Anyone who sees it for the first time goes into a temporary shock of confusion and amazement.

Hope you liked my instructable. I really had a lot of fun making it. Do vote for me in the entered contests of you liked my instructable :) :)

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