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Today I would like to share with you a handy idea I thought of the other week , 
do have a dorm room / bed room that needs a mini garbage can , well I think I can speak for everyone by saying yes I do , 
well here's an easy couple minute solution and it's reusing household materials ,
how did I get this idea well simple really you see them in the stores all the time ,
why not just buy one you say , ok here's why I made one instead ,
1 , it cheaper and your reusing materials that you normally throw out ,
2 , its stronger then some of the cheap dollar store garbage cans ,
and if you have a cheeky little dog like me you know the reason why you need a tough container ,   
3 , its easy to use and looks good to ,
ok so that's an idea anyway on the how and why ,
so lets get started .

Step 1: What You Need

OK so you only need a couple of things ,

a large empty container of lysol or noname kitchen wipes , I used mine from walmart the great-value wipes ,
biodegradable mini dog poop bags , you can get this at the dollar store normally come six roles for 1 dollar , 
so that's all you really need , 
ok on to the next step .

Step 2: The Easy Part

OK so the first thing you what to do is remove the label on your container ,
next take off the lid of your container and insert one of your mini dog poop bags and pull it down two inches around the out side rime ,
next push your hand down inside making sure the inside of the bag is fully opened ,
next put the lid back on your container ,

ok there you have it your very own mini garbage can for only a fraction of the cost ,

also if you don't like the plain look you could print out and tape a picture around it or what ever makes you happy ,
 as always thank you for viewing my instructable  .

p.s if you have any questions feel free to ask .

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    think this would be perfect trash container for cars!! will try!! thanks!