Introduction: THE TRUE SMALLEST K'NEX PISTOL - the World's Smallest K'nex Gun

This is the TRUE smallest K'nex gun. AND NOT A BLOCK TRIGGER! Awesome, right? It is not only the smallest, but uses fewest pieces. 3 pieces to make it. One orange thing(I don't know what they're called) and 2 blue spacers(One for trigger, one for ammo). You can make it from the pic, it's so easy. To fire pull the bottom blue ring. The top ring will shoot. You could probably fit 25 of them in your hand, they're so small. Let's get to some PROS and CONS.


-Ultra Compact

-Easy to hold + shoot

-3 pieces to make

-Not block trigger

-Fairly easy to load


-Single shot

-Short range (5 feet, give or take a foot)

So that's basically it of the World's Smallest K'nex gun. Hope you liked this ULTRA TINY K'nex gun! If you can come up with something smaller, leave a comment and show me! Cya!