Introduction: THIN Duct Tape Wallets!!!

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Things you'll need: at least 2 rolls of different colored duct tape,and an exacto knife and cutting board. (or scissors)

Step 1:

Cut two 8 inch pieces of duct tape,

Step 2:

Then turn them sticky side up.

Step 3:

Then lay them on top of each other sticky side to non sticky side, making the sheet 3 inches tall.

Step 4:

Next, cut two more 8 inch pieces out of a different color

Step 5:

Then carefully place the two strips on top of the 3 inch sheet you made earlier

Step 6:

-make sure you leave about 1/4 " of sticky on the top for trim. If you forget, it's not that big of a deal.

Step 7:

Then fold over the trim

Step 8:

Your finished sheet will look like this: and that will be the front side of the wallet

Step 9:

Then cut eight strips of 4" tape, (it doesn't matter what color) and put them in groups of two, then lay each group on top of each other sticky side to sticky side

Step 10:

So they look like this: ( each 'sheet' is not sticking to any other sheet, only the duct tape strips are sticking to each other) and those are the pockets

Step 11:

Then trim of just a little

Step 12:

Then take a 8 " strip and cut it in to fourths

Step 13:

Those will be used for trim on the pockets. The way You put on the trim is you lay the 1/4 strip on the pocket about 2/4 " on. Repeat that step for the others

Step 14:

Then cut a bunch of 4" strips and take one of them and one pocket. Lay the pocket down on the left side of the wallet just below the trim and take your 4" strip and put it on the pocket to adhere it to the wallet, then do the same on the right side and below the left and right pocket except this time place the pocket just below the trim on the first pocket

Step 15:

So it looks like this:

Step 16:

Then cut a 4" strip

Step 17:

And cut it in half

Step 18:

Then place it in the middle of the wallet making sure that the strip is covering a little of all the pockets

Step 19:

Then you can either fold,

Step 20:

Or cut off the excess

Step 21:

Step 22:

Then cut two 8" strips and two 9" strips

Step 23:

Lay the two 8" pieces on top of each other to make 3"

Step 24:

Then take a 9" piece and place it on the sheet you made just barely making sure you leave an even amount of sticky on the sides

Step 25:

Then take the other 9" piece and place it on leaving an even amount of sticky on the sides, and on the top also.

Step 26:

Then turn it so the sticky portion is sticky side up then turn it so that the sticky that was on the top, is now on the bottom, then place your wallet; pocket- side- up in the middle of the the sheet you made earlier

Step 27:

Then cut squares out of the bottom corners

Step 28:

And fold all of the sticky parts over into the wallet

Step 29:

Step 30:

Step 31: