Introduction: TNT Cannon With Spread

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Hello, today I will show you how to build a TNT cannon with a spread feature.

Step 1: Materials

You will need...
A ladder (Or slab)

Step 2: Step #1

Place 3 Obsidian in a row as shown

Step 3: Step #2

Place 8 Dispensers as shown (copy pictures if needed)

Step 4: Step #4

Place Repeaters going into the Dispensers as shown

Step 5: Step #5

Place a button in the middle of the 3 obsidian

Step 6: Step #6

Place Redstone where shown in pictures

Step 7: Step #7

Place obsidian where shown in pictures

Step 8: Step #8

Make a thing that looks like a car as shown in pictures

Step 9: Step #9

Place dispensers where shown

Step 10: Step #10

This is where you choose ladders or slabs...
Ladders make the TNT go up
Slabs make the TNT stay down
Test if you don't believe me

Step 11: Step #11

Place repeaters going into the dispensers

Step 12: Step #12

Place redstone where shown

Step 13: Step #13

Place repeaters on 1 tick as shown

Step 14: Step #14

Place 2 more repeaters in front of the other ones making sure that these are on full ticks

Step 15: Step #15

Place comparators In front of the repeaters

Step 16: Step #16

Make sure the lights on the comparators are turned on (right click or press the left trigger)

Step 17: Step #17

Make the redstone go around the comparator as shown in the pictures

Step 18: Step 18

Now all you have to do is fill up all the dispensers

Step 19: All Done

With ladders it will make the TNT go up so if you needed to shoot over a wall then use ladders
If you need to shoot straight then use slabs.
Enjoy firing TNT at your friends