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in this tutorial, I am showing how to build a touch sensing plant using Arduino

that is when you touch the plant the colour changes.

first, watch this video

Step 1: Things Needed

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

I made circuit diagram using fritzing software

Step 3: Connections

first, connect 1 megaohm resistor between pin 2 and 4 of Arduino

then attach the touch line to pin 4 also connect the other end to your plant now connect 3 LEDs(different colours) to pin5,6,7 if you are using RGB LED then connect the common ground to ground and connect other pins to Arduino digital pin 5,6,7

Step 4: Library

this project works base on the change in capacitance so we are using capacitivesensor.h library

download library from here

Step 5: Arduino Code

Step 6: Happy Making

connect Arduino and plant with some good conducting wire like copper and also use good plants I mean water-rich plants like magic bamboo, water Lilly

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