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Hi Makers,

After a few weeks' break, we are back with a new project. In this video, we will try to make a simple cnc machine with you. “ A SIMPLE HOMEMADE TRIPLE CNC MACHINE “. Yes you heard right. We have done this before :) Lİnk is Here : TRIPLE CNC MACHINE .

But this time we have improved our machine. We upgraded. And there is a wonderful surprise for you in this CNC machine. we've used a system you've never seen anywhere. Spindel motor or a dremel was always used on Youtube and different platforms. You are aware of this.

In this project we used a "BRUSHLESS MOTOR" or "DRONE MOTOR". Yeah, you didn't hear it wrong.

Simple Homemade Triple CNC Machine has 3 features with this function. With this cnc machine you will be able to do 3 different jobs.

-Engraving with Brushless Motor as a Router,

-Laser cutting and drawing

-Drawing with pen as a Plotter.

Our project consists of 3 videos. In our first 2 videos you will see the construction of our cnc machine. Our third video will be a wide test video.

With the new drawings that we designed as a plug-in, it will be quite simple to use cnc. All you have to do is remove the parts we share in the video description from your 3d printer and provide the necessary materials. Our design is quite simple. No unnecessary material. No unnecessary wires. our design is quite simple. In our video, we tried to show how to do our cnc machine in the finest detail. We went step by step.

Step 1: What We Need ?

Hi Again,

If you have decided to build a TRIPLE CNC MACHINE, you are right place. But to build, you will need some equipments and materials. So, ask is coming for you. What we need ?

We have divided the materials we need into 3 groups.

1 - Mechanical Parts

2 - 3D Printable Parts

3 - Electronic Parts

Lets see them...

Step 2: Mechanical Parts

As you can see in pictures, we need some mechanical materials. And you can find detail list in below


Chromed Linear rail roud rod 500 mm * 4

Chromed Linear rail roud rod 400 mm * 2

Chromed Linear rail roud rod 100 mm * 2

Trapezoidal T12mm Lead Screw 400 mm * 1

Trapezoidal T12mm Lead Screw 100 mm * 1

Trapezoidal T8mm Lead Screw 500 mm * 2

Trapezoidal T8mm Lead Screw 400 mm * 1

= NUTS =

M3 , M4, M5 M8, M10





COUPLINGS 5mm to 8 mm * 4


M6 , M4, M3


Wood 1 Dimentions : 500x700 mm X 1
Wood 2 Dimentions : 300x400 mm X 1

Step 3: 3D Printable Parts

We designed some 3d parts. They were drawn on solidworks. And printed with Prusa i3 3D Printer. We added on last steps STL files for your printer. You can find them there.

Step 4: Electronic Parts

And last materials are about electronic.

- Arduino Uno * 1

- Nema 17 Stepper Motor * 5

- Blue laser module laser engraving and cutting TTL module * 1

- V3 Engraver Shield 3D Printer CNC for arduino CNC Shield * 1

- A4988 motor driver * 3

- BDX53 * 1

- 100 OHM resistor * 1

- Fan

- 12 V 30 A DC Power Supply

Step 5: Let's Start Project

Firstly we will built first floor. We cut out woods with huge CNC machine. We need some materials in pictures. We plug 3d wood parts on wood table. Put shaft and tijs to hole on parts. You can see on pic "how?" or watch our video tutorials.

timeline is 02:47

Step 6: Assemply Main Header

We are assembling main heaser for laser, pen and brushless motor.

timeline is 07:26

Step 7: Assemble Header and Main Wood

As you can see in pics, we designed very simple and usefull cnc. Plug and play :D

How to built ? Check pics or video tutorial Timeline is 11:45

Step 8: Assemble Electronic Parts

and we are going to finish. A little bit more patience :D All connections will be add last steps.

Tutorial timeline is 01:23

Step 9: Second Floor

second floor coming...

Step 10: Assembly Holders

Very simple. You can assemble them speedly. Check it timeline is 10:00

Step 11: ShowRoom

Step 12: And FINAL...

Step 13: FILES...

All 3d printer STL files:

Electronic Circuit -

Xloader -

Hex Files for Arduino -

LaserGRBL -

How to upload code ? ( in Version 1) :

How to calibration ? ( in Version 1) :

How to add a pic ? ( in Version 1) :



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