Here we go. Cobra Stitch or Solomon Bar dog leash with two colors!

Step 1:

What you will need.
1. Paracord your choice on color. I chose OD green and Black because it matches the collars that the dogs already have.
2. Lighter to burn the ends with. Torch lighter works the best.
3. Cutting device.
4. Hemostat
5. Snap for the end of the leash
6. Beer and time.

Step 2:

First things first. Get your cord and cut it to the size you want. I made a 4 ft leash and used 60 feet of each color to have plenty left. Take your snap and cow hitch both cords to it. Adjust the cords to the middle two are to the length of leash you wish including the handle. About to start weaving.

Step 3:

Time to start. take the right most cord and go under the middle two with it and over the outer most on the left.

Step 4:

Take the opposite cord up and over the middle two and through the loop created by the previous step. Make your knots tight and push them towards the snap. This will give you a good looking dressed knot. Keep going until you get close to the length you want. Make sure you include your handle on the end as it will be doubling back on itself.

Step 5:

This is where the hemostat comes in. Once you get an acceptable length loop the knot back on itself. I personally took the middle two cords and pulled them through the middle of the Solomon Bar with the hemostat where i continued towards the snap with the same knot.

Step 6:

After you pull the center cords through with the hemostat continue the weave over the top of what you have already done. This will start to strengthen your handle.

Step 7:

I continued the knot from the center two cords for about 4 inches then cut and burned the ends.

Step 8:

After weaving the center two towards the snap I took the other two ends and continued onto the handle loop until I got the right fit.

Step 9:

Cut and burn the ends and you are FINISHED!

Step 10:

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6 years ago on Introduction

Hello all. I have a question that I hope the community can help me with. I recently made the collar in the picture but it soon became stretched. I tied it as tight as I possibly could but the "links" have loosened and the fused end has been stretched. My dog is a serious puller! Does anyone have any suggestions about how to prevent such stretching in the future? I am looking at making her a new collar and a leash but I want these to be able to keep her safe. In it's current condition, she can get out of this one. Any solutions are greatly appreciated.

2015-06-23 15.14.05.jpg

8 years ago

Hd I made in a short leash and ha a lot left over. 4 foot leash when I was done with it and I'm forgetting how much I had left.


8 years ago

How long was the finished product starting with 60' of each color?