Table Lamp

Introduction: Table Lamp

This website is going to teach you how to make a lamp that would automatically change the color of the light. It was very simple to make this lamp. However, this could be used for many different reasons. In this project, it has changed the random lightness of red and blue lower. As a result, there will be a higher chance of getting green.

This is the information that this project get idea from

video link:

Step 1: Prepare Materials

- wood stick

- box

- Arduino board

- 4 wire


- 3 resistance

Step 2: Program

Step 3: Build

- First, you need to put the LED on to the board

- Then, you put one resister for the first, second, and Last roll. Do not locate one in the third roll

- Connect lines from resisters to digital ping

- Connect the third roll to GND

- Put all the above which is the Arduino board into a box

- Stick the sticks onto the box

- Finish

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