Table Organizer for School Tools




Introduction: Table Organizer for School Tools

I am a 4th grade teacher. Two of my students designed and built this table organizer for our school tools. Their team name is Pokemon Fighters.

Step 1:

  • Start with 3 floppy disks (3.5 inch)
  • Drill 2 holes in the corners of each disk that do not have the square openings
  • Zip tie the 3 disks together as shown in the picture.
  • Repeat these steps to make 2

Step 2:

  • Attach 4 disks around one of the base disks to make a cube as shown in picture

Step 3:

  • Repeat step 2 for the second base disk.
  • Note: You will only attach 3 disks for the second base. Both cubes share the middle disk.

Step 4:

  • Attach the 2 rectangles together to like like the picture.

Step 5:

  • Using zip ties, attach a disk onto the top of one of the cubes to make a lid.
  • keep your small items such as erasers in this cube.

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    4 years ago

    This is a cute idea! I think we've still got some old floppy disks in the office we could use. :)