Introduction: Table Runner

First thing you need to do is get your loom and warping board out and pick your colors. For this I chose several 14 colors, after i did all my measurements and knew how wide i wanted it to be I began the warp, i had to make the warp 54 inches long which included the fringe on the end. The warp was done in 3 sections so it would be 20 inches wide. once the warp was done it was braided so it would not tangle before it was put on the loom.

Things you will need:



matboard strips 1 inch wide

measuring tape

clips or straight pins to mark length

Step 1: Warp & Putting It on the Loom

weaving raising and lowering harnesses This was the warp after it came off of the warping board, it was braided and ready to be put on the loom. To put it on the loom, you start out by putting the warp on the back bar of the loom and getting it all lined up, once that is done then you can begin to thread the heddles

Step 2: Threading & Weaving

Once the warp is on the loom it is now time to thread the heddles and tie the warp up so you can begin to weave. You have to make sure the warp is tight. You also have to measure as you go every few inches so you can keep track of your project so you dont go over the length you want this to be.

Step 3: Tieing Up Ends and Finished Product

Once you get the project to the length you desire it is now time to tie up the ends and pull it off the loom but if it is not done right you can lose your work. make sure the cardboard is still in the front and back, as ou will use this as your guide when you sew the ends before you knot it for the fringe.

This is the Finished product the ends all tied on the loom before i take
it completely off and then hanging up so you can see the full item. it was very colorful and very fun to make.

Step 4:

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