Introduction: Tabletop Pressurized Washer (4 Da Poor Man)

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By popular request (like three people). Ive now made the Tabletop Washer (4 The Poor Man) into a pressure washer!

This is really easy to add to the tabletop washer, so Ill put it all on one step


CAUTION doing this will cause pressure buildup in the bucket!


1 Roll of pipe hanger strap
1 1/4" machine bolt
2 1/4" over-sized washers
1 1/4" wingnut

Crank seal option.... Use a hose washer inside the bucket lid of the crank handle

Take your strap and roll it around the bucket lid add about 4" to that and cut
You'll need the 1/4" holes for your bolt, so fold over the ends to double the tabs and hammer them down firmly
Insert you bolt through a washer and into one side of your strap tab
Now feed that into the other tab and add the other washer and then the wingnut
It should be just loose enough to get over your lid, press down till you see the edge of your lid tabs in the screw hole in the tab
Tighten down the wingnut and you should be good to go!

There will be some water leakage from the crank bolt if you do this. I would suggest that you omit the crank if you use this methed to pressurize your bucket, or this can be seen as a 'safety valve'. I personally didnt use very hot water, just hot water from the tap.

Video available on YouTube:

Alternate version to make washer a pressure washer.
I would of added it as another step but, I just dont see how to add a step.

Instead of cutting a 45 degree angle on the top portion of the rib and having it end just before the bucket top and by adding an equal amount of blocks near the under side of the top you can add some hanger bolts and use wing nuts to screw the top on firmly.

Add blocks, ribs and after the lid is put back on drill for the hanger bolts through the bucket top. After you place your hanger bolts add rubber washers. I hope the drawings help to illustrate this build. Use steel washers when you use the wing nuts for more support.