Taffy Twist or Infinity Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

Introduction: Taffy Twist or Infinity Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

About: I love messing with recipes and adding a twist to them. I can make some pretty legit things with duct tape. I love using my cricket!!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Rainbow loom
C or S clip

Step 2: Placing Bands Pt 1

Make sure your loom is offset.
Place your bands in a "v" formation
Put your bands around the perimeter of the loom

Step 3: Placing Bands Pt 2

Now you want to twist the band and make a little infinity sign. Do this with two bands on each peg. After you do that place a cap band on the end.

Step 4: Looming

Your going to loom like you would normally loom but ignore the infinities. Now your going to take your hook and place it under the last bands you loomed. You then place a band on the hook part of the hook and pull it through. Then secure it with a c clip

Step 5: Pulling Off

Now you pull it of the loom

Step 6: Extension

Now make a single chain bracelet about 4-6 bands long or until it is comfortable on your wrist

Step 7: Tadaa!!

You are done. Thank you for looking at my first instruct able and being patient with me.
Ps ( mine is the fault in our stars theme)

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