Introduction: Tahu Modified

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So I've decided to post my version of Tahu, though i have decided to modify what i made slightly. Now he's able to hold his sword.

Also instead of providing a long parts list, i just did it section by section, this made it wayyy easier to post.

Step 1: First, the Most Important Part, the Torso.

Note: I had to unbuild it from both sides, which is why it looks awkwardly complete in a few spots. Never the less it should still be doable.

Step 2: Second, and Also the Second Most Important Part of the Body, the Waiste.

Step 3: Now for the Right Leg

Step 4: And Next, the Left

Step 5: Now for the Right Arm

And yes the arms are a bit complex, which is what happens when you're an anime/LEGO addict.

Step 6: And Last But Not Least, the Left

Step 7: It Should Look Something Like This Now...

P.S. Feel free to ell me your thoughts.