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Introduction: Talking Toilet Ornament

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If you know a young child, then "Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets" may be within the realm of literature to which exposure is unavoidable. This 3d printed ornament is much smaller than an actual talking toilet (I assume--since "real" talking toilets can consume large victims).


3d printer, paint, ribbon (to hang as ornament)

Step 1:

The "talking complete" file is the one used to create the toilet. Print using supports.

I have included all the files used to develop this. I created a "gum" and a "tooth." Using TinkerCad, I combined the gum and tooth to create a gum with teeth. Next I made a base, then a tank.

Using TinkerCad, I combined the base, two "gums" and the tank.

Step 2:

When the supports are removed, it looks like this.

Step 3:

Black paint was used for the handle, dot in the eyes and coloring around the eyes. Grey was used for the "water" in the toilet bowl.

Step 4:

To hang this ornament, thread ribbon (or string) behind the eyes and tie a loop above the toilet lid.

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