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Introduction: Tangle Free Paracord

I use a lot of paracord for various projects and it always comes like it is shown in the above picture. This gets tangled vary easily when you are trying to pull long lengths of cord from it. This is a quick and easy way to wrap paracord, twine, yarn, rope, wire, or any other thing like that in a way that it will not tangle when you store or use it.

It is very easy and only takes 3 things.

Your paracord, rope, or whatever else you'd like to use

Something to wrap it around. I usually use toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll cut into a couple smaller tubes bun any small cylinder shaped thing will work.

A couple of pins to hold things into place while you are handling it. I Usually use about 10, 5 for the top and 5 for the bottom.

Step 1: The Base Layer

First lay one end of your cord across the tube as shown in the first picture.

Then start wrapping the cord around the tube as shown in the second picture until it looks about like the third picture.

Step 2: Starting the Wrap

It helps if you start by putting a pin in the paracord at the bottom as shown in the picture.

Then wrap the cord a single time around the tube starting at the bottom and going to the top as shown in the picture.

Now pin the top directly above where you pined the bottom as shown in the picture.

Going in the same direction wrap once around from where you pinned it on top to the side of where you pinned the bottom and shown in the second picture and pin it there.

On the opposite side of the pins the cord should cross over itself in the middle of the roll as shown in the third picture.

Step 3: Continuing the Wrap

Wrap back around from bottom to top again following alongside the first wrap and end it just to the side of the first top wrap and pin it as shown in the first picture.

The opposite side should look like the second picture.

Wrap back down to the bottom and pin it next to the second bottom wrap like it is in the third picture.

The opposite side should look like the forth picture.

If you keep repeating these steps then it will begin to look like it does in the fifth and sixth pictures.

As you get to the point where you run out of pins just take out the first ones and use them, by that point the earlier wraps are securely held the the more recent wraps.

Step 4: The End

Once you have finally reached the end of your cord you should have something that looks like the picture above.

Pin the end of the cord to the roll so that it doesn't come unwrapped and remove all of the other pins.

Now it shouldn't come undone in between uses and will remain tangle free and easy to use whenever you do use it.

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    Brady Bixler
    Brady Bixler

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Did your paracord kink up at all? I'm trying to do this with brand new paracord and it's kinking real bad. Any advice?

    Pure Carbon
    Pure Carbon

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've always wanted to know how to do this. Very detailed and well done, thank you.