Tank Robot Homemade Camera Controller

Introduction: Tank Robot Homemade Camera Controller

hello today i am going to make a robotic tank with a camera it is very simple just take your hand and take advantage of everything around you or leave to make it really interesting believe me go.........


Step 1: Step 1 : Prepare

Chassis tank

An RC controller

A telephone attachment in the selfie sticks

Electronic welding, glue gun

Battery 7.2v 800mah , depending on the type of battery you choose to fit your controller...

Step 2: Start the Main Circuit Solder

Welge the circuit into the engine of the tank chassis.... Then you add the battery to the circuit and the controller.... You should keep checking and adjusting the motor of the wheel so that the two wheels can work uniform....

Step 3: Attach the Selfie to the Servo Motor

Use a strong adhesive to attach the selfie head to the engine so it is hard and solid....... And solder the servo motor to the control circuit.

Step 4: Attach the Camera to the Phone

You mount the camera phone so that it can capture video while your car is running or you can download the IP webcam to your phone to connect to the computer.....

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Step 5: (video) Completed


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