Tape Sword( Completely Out of TAPE, 100% Grade a Scotch Tape)(and Some Glue But Only the Dragon That I Am Working On)Skip to the Back to See the Dragons.



Introduction: Tape Sword( Completely Out of TAPE, 100% Grade a Scotch Tape)(and Some Glue But Only the Dragon That I Am Working On)Skip to the Back to See the Dragons.

Things you will need



The tape sword is kind of hard but not as hard as the tape dragons. One that I finished one that I am working on. I don't like to upload things because the things I do are crazy and weird and hard to follow and learn, also I don't want people to make the things that I created and say that THEY were the one who made it(which the did) but not create it. So here is how you make a tape sword I guess.P.S. I did NOT use any molds,cardboard or whatever just Tape Ok and some glue for the dragon on my Chromebook and some push pins for both of the dragons but that is it.I'm sure that is fine besides I'm not entering that in the contest or anything but if you want to can say it is an extra piece in the contest like an extra in a movie? P.S.S I gave you guys the easier way and since I think I was the first person to make a tape sword without a mold or other stuff so it was really hard plus I made this in School and it is not a art school and I did not have art class that day :**( .

Step 1: How to Make the Blade and the Short Part Sticking Out of the Blade on Each Side.

First take a piece of tape and like in the first picture put it on a smooth surface so that the tape comes off easily. Fold the tape the hot dog way with the sticky part on the outside. Leave a little gap to connect the parts together and take the little gap and smush/press them together. then take the now connected piece of tape and pull it of the surface. fold it so that it makes a 3d square like the 3rd photo. Choose one side and fold the edges to make a point. If their is a little flap sticking out then you can cut it or you can tape/fold that flap so that it is on the blade too. Then take a piece of tape and wrap a piece or pieces of tape so that it covers the WHOLE blade( point part too) but make sure it is snug against the blade you might mess up on this part.( can I just not write this and just upload this im too lazy for this whole writing and explaining thing) Do the same things in the beginning minus the point part.That is the short part sticking out of the blade on each side. ( WARNING: DO NOT CUT OFF THE BOTTOM PART OF THE BLADE YOU NEED IT EVEN IF U THINK IT IS TO LONG.) Ok so then after you wrapped the short part sticking out of the blade on each side you cut it in half and adjust the length to your liking and then you take a piece of tape and you put it on the opening and fold down on one side do the same to the other on the opposite side then do the same to the other 2 flaps then you will get 4 flaps on each edge it is fine you're supposed to have them. take a piece of tape put it on a side, fold the flaps in wards towards each other and wrap the tape around the figure. do the same thing to the other side and also the other short thing. And tape them on were you want it.

Step 2: The Jewel Thing and Scabbard

For the jewel thing just do the same as before BUT no point AND once you get the rectangular prism with openings at the base you cut it you form a square and ONLY cover one opening and put the side with the opening and tape it on to the handle below the short things.

For the scabbard just take a piece of tape a long piece, using the smooth side to contact the blade. And starting from the upper blade the opposite end of the point and start wrapping it around the blade make it snug but have some room to make it easy to slip out the sword but also not. after you've done that take another piece of tape and use the sticky side to wrap around the scabbard so that the outside wont be sticky.

And There you have it Oh continue on if you want to see the dragons I mostly took ones of the one I working on.ALSO if you can please post you tape swords or other tape things you don't have to but it would be nice to know that someone did my craft and please give me credit for it thanks! I appreciate it!

Step 3: The DRAGONS!

The first is the one that I finished, the other is the one that I am working on. I plan to have a base for the dragon to sit/stand on and wrap it's tail around it. The fourth photo is the dragons back. I also made crowns for them.

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    2 years ago

    the dragons are cool too :)
    I think letting people know the secrets of how you make stuff is a good idea!
    Don't be afraid that your ideas will be 'stolen', they'll still be yours, but others could enjoy them too! that's what instructables is about!


    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you But i didn't take pictures of the dragons when I was starting and I'm kind of lazy to redo it again but thank you for supporting me I also finish the dragon that I am working on too!