Tapsterbot 2.0: Print Your Parts!

Introduction: Tapsterbot 2.0: Print Your Parts!

See the BOM for details:

  • 4 3x1 beam (To secure the phone to the base)
  • 5 9x1 beam (2 for the Arduino Plate, 3 to secure Servo Assemblies to the top plate)
  • 2 11x1 plate (To secure they phone to the base)
  • 12 Coupler (To join the servo arms to the forearms, and the forearms to the stylus holder)
  • 3 Servo mount (To house the servos in the correct orientation)
  • 1 Stylus holder (Holds the capacitive stylus)
  • 3 Upper arm (Connects the servos to the servo arms)
  • 1 Top plate (Holds the servo assemblies in place)
  • 1 Base plate (Houses the device under test, and provides foundation for the robot)
  • 3 Side plate (Connect between the bottom and the top)
  • 1 Arduino plate (Mounts the Arduino, allows it to be attached to the top of the robot)

Notes on 3d printed parts, from experience:

  • I used a FlashForge Creator Pro printer. A Lulzbot TAZ 4 was used for Jason's original robot
  • The FlashForge printer did not have a big enough base to print the Top and Bottom plates. I used SCAD and a package called "puzzlecut 3d" to divide the models in half and create "puzzle piece" cuts, which allowed them to be connected. If you study the pictures, you'll see that my top and bottom segments are made of two pieces
  • The Stylus holder was printed at 107% scale, as I had frequent problems with the rod magnets splitting the plastic
  • The Couplers were printed at 110% scale for the same reason
  • The Upper arm pieces in these pictures show some splitting from the rod magnets. They will need to be re-printed at some point, but they can't simply be scaled due to the placement of the holes that connect the arm to the servo. They will involve hole enlargement either prior to printing or after printing (which is not as scalable)

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