Taro Milk Tea With Bubbles

Introduction: Taro Milk Tea With Bubbles

This time we wanted to try making taro bubble tea with cooked mini tapioca balls!

Step 1: Make the Mini Tapioca Balls

In order to have the tapioca balls cooked by the time the tea was ready, we started by boiling 4 cups of water mixed with ¼ cup of brown sugar. After it was boiling, we stirred it to dissolve all the sugar, and then removed ½ cup of the hot mixture (leaving all the tapioca balls in the pot). We then turned off the heat, and let it sit on the stove as we began making the taro drinks.

Step 2: Prepare the Taro Tea

Just like with the matcha bubble tea, we began by boiling the same amount of water (1.5 cups). After it finished boiling, we poured the hot water, as well as 6 tbsp of the Tea Zone Taro Powder into the blender bottle. We also poured in 6 tbsp of whole milk. Then we shook the blender bottle vigorously (making sure to release pressure at the start) to incorporate all the ingredients together.

Step 3: Add Toppings

Next, we spooned in our choice of “toppings” into our own cups. We had red bean, mango popping jelly, lychee jelly, and rainbow mini mochi to choose from. We then spooned a few tablespoons of the cooked tapioca into the cups.

Step 4: Put It All Together!

Lastly, we poured the well-shaken drink from the blender bottle into our cups which were already primed with our toppings.

Step 5: Then It Was Time to Enjoy!

Simply put, it’s the most divine bubble tea I have ever had. The smooth and airy mixture of milk and airy mixture of milk and tea was the perfect balance between sweet and refreshing. Soft red beans added a touch of texture to the drink and brought it to another level. 100/5 would recommend. - Selina

The Taro one was mehh! - Jee

4/5 - Nora

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