Introduction: Tasty Chocolate Balls

Discover a joyful way of spending quality time with your kids by making sweet chocolate balls!

Ingredients (for 25-30 balls):
For the chocolate balls:
300g crushed biscuites (you can crush it by yourself)
8 dark chocolate cubes
50g butter
3 spoons cocoa
3-4 spoons white sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup boil water

For topping:
coconut/ colored candies

Step 1: Mix It!

Heat a bowl with the chocolate cubes and the butter in the microwave for few seconds, until it turns into smooth mixture.
Pour bowling water into another bowl with the sugar and cocoa, then add milk and stir.

Step 2: All Together!

In a larger bowl- mix the content of the two bowls together with crushed biscuites.

Step 3: The Ball Is in Your Hands!

Now starts the real fun!
Create with your hands chocolate balls and top then with whatever you like.