Introduction: Tasty Healthy Bento/Boxed Lunch Thing

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hello hello again ladies and gentlemen, as a high school student I often tire school lunches. Packing my own lunch is often the best way to obtain a healthy food choice as well as controling my proportion sizes. It can also be fun and creative activity. These are mostly just ideas for you to add to your lunch I'm not too sure if this legally qualifies as a bento but it is my attempt none the less.

Step 1: The Ingredients

In keeping with the rules of bento making I try to stick to the proportion ration of four parts grain, three parts protein, two parts veggie, and one part snack/sweet.

The ingredients include:

-pepper jack (or any other cheese)
-sliced chicken breast (or any other lunch meat)
-plumb tomatos
-cherry tomatoes
-blue berries

All and all set me back about $20. But you most likely have most of this in your fridge.

Step 2: The Tools

The tools you will need are:
-A cutting board
-A sharp knife that is easy to work with -A guide to cut out the circle (I used a cup)
-A divided container
-A few cupcake liners

Step 3: The Puppy Sandwich

To begin take your bread and make a sandwich. I used rotisserie chicken breast and pepper jack cheese. After your sandwich is made place the guide on the top and slice out a clean circle. Make another sandwich and cut out to leaf shaped ovals. Cut some meat and add them to the ears for details. And finaly add the nose, mouth, and eyes for this I used the cheese. Lastly place him in the container and wish him luck.

Step 4: Tasty Roll Ups

First cut cucumber into little strips.
Cut a portion of cheese. Next place them both on a peice of meat and roll it. Add the roll ups to the container. And if any of you can do this with out snacking I applaud you.

Step 5: The Tomato Cucumber Salad

Cut the the other half of the cucumber down the middle and then into little quarter moon things. Do the same with the plum tomatos. Add them both into a cupcake liner, place liner in the container and drizzle on some dressing. I went with Italian dressing.

Step 6: Tomato Bunnies

Cut a cherry tomato in half, then in half again from the top. Take the bit of tomato you have and cut a v shape into the peice. Take out the extra bit and make a small slit In another tomato. Place the bunny ear shipped bit of tomato into the slit. Lastly make him a few friends and put them to bed in a liner in the container.

Step 7: Add the Blue Berries

This is one of the more easier steps. Add the liner to the to container and add some blue berries. Then give the puppy a blue berry bed.

Step 8: And Your Finished.

Place on the lid and store in the fridge untill ready to eat. I know this was far from the best bento/Boxed Lunch on here but it is more so to offer ideas. I am still learning the proper ins and outs of cooking so if there are any tips or comments on how this could have been improved please feel free to post. The best way to learn is through feed back.

Thank you, and have a nice day.