Tasty Nut Free Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

Introduction: Tasty Nut Free Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

This healthy, nut free, chewy granola bar recipe is cheap, very easy to make and also happens to be vegan. These bars are a great snack option for hiking, work, or whenever you need something tasty and healthy.

Don't be fooled by the chickpeas in this recipe and I guarantee you that you won't notice the taste at all. It actually adds a very nice flavor and texture to the granola bar. If you want to add extra energy to this recipe, you can always replace the stevia with regular sugar/honey/syrup and replace the chickpeas with sunflower seeds or if you are not allergic to nuts, you can use peanuts or other nuts. For extra protein you can also replace the flax seed egg with egg whites (if you are not vegan), and add in some protein powder of your choice (vanilla flavored should work great for this).

Calorie and Macro Information (per bar, 12 bars total): 79 calories, 1 F, 13 C, 2 F, 2 P, 1 sugar



180 g canned chickpeas 6 oz dried fruits (3 oz raisins and 3 oz cranberries are used) 120 g old fashioned oats Sea salt, chili powder, and ground cinnamon 4 tbsp stevia powder 1.5 flax seed egg (1.5 tbsp ground flax seeds and 4.5 tbsp water)


Preheat the oven to 350˚F.

1. Drain the chickpeas thoroughly. Rinse with cold water and dry using clean towels.

2. Pour the chickpeas into a food processor and process for 30 sec. Pour into a large mixing bowel.

3. Pour 6 oz dried fruits into a food processor and process for 60 sec. Mix that in with the chickpeas. Mix very well.

4. Add in 120 g rolled oats and mix well. Season with salt, chili powder, and cinnamon. Add in 4 tbsp stevia powder. Mix thoroughly.

5. Add in 1.5 flax seed egg and mix thoroughly one last time. (You have to make the "egg" first or the binding won't work)

6. Pour the mixture onto a baking pan and use your hands to form the mixture into a 0.5 to 1 inch even layer. Sharpen the edges with a butter knife and cut into 12 portions. Bake at 350˚F for 30 min.

7. Cool the granola bar on a cooling rack for 1 hour.

You can eat it right away or you can save them for later. They stay good at room temperature for 1 week, a few weeks in the fridge, and few months in the freezer.

Hopefully you enjoy it!

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