Taurus Platform and DragonBoard - Digital Actuator

Introduction: Taurus Platform and DragonBoard - Digital Actuator

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Taurus is an open platform designed for makers and students to control your things by a dashboard that offered the ability to control most types of internet devices from things. The control panel can be composed of digital actuators that allow 2 states actions and can be used to turn on or off a certain device and have a 0 or 1 response; Analog actuators that can assume infinite values and be used to modify the operation of a device, such as the temperature of an air conditioner; And finally, sensors that store data sent by meters of various magnitudes in order to monitor the conditions of the environment in which the device is.

In this tutorial you will se how to connect Qualcomm DragonBoard to Taurus IoT Platform. We will control a LED connected to the board by a digital actuator component in Taurus.

Step 1: Creating Account in Taurus

  • Open www.taurussystem.com
  • Click at Login button, located at upper right of the screen
  • Sign up
  • Complete the fields with your name, e-mail and password. Dont forget to save the serial displayed, it is your API key for Taurus project.

Ok, now you have an account and can login into the platform!

Step 2: Creating Components in Taurus

After creating acount here is your dashboard,

Taurus has some Rest API's that create, update and consome data from the platform:

Create components

This API creates components in your dashboards, where:

xx = 10 for digital actuator

xx = 20 for sensor

xx = 30 for analog actuator

0 = initial value

SERIAL = API key got in account registration

for examples, create a digital actuator:

Step 3: Get Data From Digital Actuator

API for get data of a digital actuator:


yy : digital actuador id (01~99)

SERIAL: API key got in account registration



where "valor" property saves the state of the actuator.

You can see more about the Taurus's API in : Embarcados - Taurus, Brazilian IoT Platform

Step 4: Python Code in DragonBoard

Ok, lets see how to get the data from Taurus Platform and show it in a LED connected at the board.

First, download files:

To configure board GPIO see: https://www.instructables.com/id/Qualcomm-DragonBoard-Configure-GPIO/

  • $ sudo pip install requests
  • $ sudo python main.py

Connect a LED to pin 23 of the board and go to the platform to turnon/off the LED.

It works!

Thank you, best regards.

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