Tda7560 4X50w

Introduction: Tda7560 4X50w

Amplifier datasheet

With 16v power supply (max 18v)

4 x 45 W/4ohms

4 x 35 W/8ohms

Step 1: PCB

What you need for made PCB:

PCB +-70x45mm

Marker or nail polish


You can do on pcb with holes.

Step 2: Made PCB (etching)

Water, salt and copper sulphate (you can find DIY stores). Etching is approx. 8 hours if kept warm successful and faster (i use 100ml hot water,4 salt tea spoons, 2 tea spoons).

Salt 60%

Copper sulphate 40%

Be careful with chemicals, after work wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 3: PCB

Clear PCB with aceton and made holes.

Step 4: PCB

Electronic parts:

1x TDA7560 (or TDA7386, TDA7384)

1x 10k ohm (brown, black, orange, gold)

1x 47k ohm (yellow, violet, orange, gold)

1x 47uf

2x 0.1uf (code on caapacitor "104")

2x 1uf (code "105")

3x 0.47uf (code "...474...",)

2x 2200uf can be smaller (It operates without capacitor)

Step 5: AMP

Solder all electronic parts and test.

Maybe next time made new instructables, amplifier TDA7294 bridge 145watt.

Step 6:

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