Introduction: Tea Bag Organizer

We all have countless tea bags in our "tea drawer". Wouldn't it be easier to have a place where all your tea bags are organized and in the same location? Thanks to this handy organizer, you don't have to keep looking for that one tea that tickles your fancy!

Step 1: Supplies

This is what you will need to create the tea bag organizer:

- pencil

- scissors

- ruler

- glue

- hot glue

- masking tape

- clear tape

- exacto knife/razor/box knife

- wrapping paper

- 6 juice cartons (or more or less, depending on your preference)

- 1 big box

Step 2: Prepare the Juice Cartons

1. Cut out the threaded opening at the top of the carton with the box knife.

2. Cut out a slot on the side of the carton in the size of your preferred tea bags. (This is the slot where your tea bags will sit.)

Step 3: Decorating the Top of Your Carton

Cut out wrapping paper to the size of the top of your carton. Use tape or glue to attach it around the top of the carton. This will cover the hole or any imperfections and will decorate the carton as well.

Step 4: Decorating the Rest of the Carton

For the rest of the carton you can use the same wrapping paper as you did for the top or choose a whole new style. Just remember that this part you will not really see when it sits in the box.

Step 5: Choosing Your Box

The size and amount of the juice cartons will decide the size of the overall box you will need for the tea bag organizer. For mine I chose six juice cartons, two stacks of three next to each other. This will fit the dimensions of the box in the picture.

Note: The height of the box needs to account not only for the three juice cartons but also for the thickness of two shelves.

Step 6: Preparing Your Box

Choose a box to fit your juice cartons. The size of the box will change depending on how many drawers and shelves you intend to have. If you need, use the box knife and ruler to measure and adjust the box to your desired specifications. Use tape to join the walls of the boxes.

Step 7: Decorating Your Box

Choose wrapping paper and wrap your box using glue and/or tape.

Step 8: Adding Shelves

Now cut out pieces of cardboard the width of the inside of the box. You also want to decorate these shelves with wrapping paper. Measure and mark where the shelves will go. Use hot glue to attach the shelves. This will insure more secure and strong hold.

Step 9: Assemling Your Tea Bag Organizer

In this last step you put the drawers inside the bigger box. Now add tea bags to each drawer and organize them to your preference. You can also write the names of the teas you use on the tab of each drawer.

Enjoy your clutterfree tea bag organizer!

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