Introduction: Teaching Materials for Young Kids: Working With Numbers

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Learning to put numbers in the correct order and the concept of even and uneven numbers can be challenging for young kids. To help my niece, who teaches these kids, I created a range of small houses with numbers on them. I used old wine boxes I collected over the holiday season.

Step 1: Collect Wine Boxes

Collect wine boxes, preferably with different sizes (to be used for different sized houses).

Of course you can use other materials to make the boxes, but wine boxes are perfect for the job because they are lightweight. Even the younger kids can lift and move them.

Step 2: Remove Any Unwanted Stuff

Take off hinges and locks. Also remove labels. All boxes have to be nice and smooth in the end.

Step 3: Prepare the Boxes

Turn lids upside down and glue them to the box. A few drops of glue will do.

Step 4: Smoothen the Surface of the Boxes

Make sure the wine boxes have no sharp edges. Fill holes and any damages. Finish by sanding them.

Step 5: Paint Them White

Paint and leave to dry overnight.

Any white paint will do, but preferably use water based paint.

Step 6: Draw the Houses and the Numbers

Draw the houses and the numbers. Make sure you use a black permanent marker with quite a large tip.

And that is it. Have fun!