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Introduction: Teddybear Chair ( Arlos Chair )

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We sold my daughters bumbo chair, it's a little chair you use for new borns,it helps them sit up, anyways long story short, she's two now, and the bumbo chair had been used for teddy arlo to sit in when where playing, but it's gone now, and my daughter was most upset,

"arlo need a chair please!"

And if your daughter says arlo needs a chair, you best make sure arlo gets a chair!

Step 1: Requirements

So I set about making a small chair for arlo the teddy, I had a few requirements, as it was going to be played with by a little girl, I wanted it:-
- strong
- no nails or screws
- simple
- it needed to be glued
- smooth sanded
- painted or stained

My first port of call was a design, simple but strong, and no sharpe edges, I decided on a simple two sided piece with two inserts for the back and seat,

Step 2: Templets and Design

I drew a (very) rough sketch of what I had in mind, then set to work making a template for the two sides, I was making it from 9mm ply so I know it's strong. I measured arlo for size and came up with this size chair for him,

7 inch high
4 1/2 inch across
4 inch back

Obviously your teddy might be a different size so measure accordingly!

Step 3: Basic Cuts

After tracing my template sides and marking out the back and seat onto 9mm, I used my bandsaw to cut out the basic shapes,

Step 4: Fiddly Cuts

This is the other reason for making a chair, I have a new toy! Haha
I have a scroll saw now and haven't really had much chance to play with it, I did a little test piece the other day to get my tensions right, but this is the first proper play,

Anyways drill a hole in the sides where the gap is, big enough to thread the blade and tension, then cut! Being the first play I wanted to test myself, so I decided to cut out arlos name in the back seat,

Step 5: Joints

With this being for a child, I didn't want and screws or nails so I decided to do a simple joint on the seat and back.

I did this by cutting the seat and back 9mm bigger on both sides, then cutting out two notches on either side.

then lining them up with the main sides and marking where they would be, I cut squares for the notches to sit in.

Step 6: Sanding and Gluing

Test fit went well, everything fits nice, time for a sand and file.

once it's all sanded, I test fit again just to be sure, then it's gluing time, I like to over kill on glue them mop up the mess lol, then clamp up for a few hours while it sets, light sand then ready for primer.

Step 7: Primer and Paint

Start with a light sand, then one thin coat of primer, let it dry then another light sand, I used wire wool this time, then another coat if primer, let dry again and wire wool then the colour of your daughters choice! ( or whatever you have !)

Let everything dry fully, then we let little arlo rest his poor tired legs,
My daughter loves arlos chair, arlos been a part of the family since my daughter was born, she's had him by her side ever since,

Trouble is, arlo now needs a table apparently! :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is really sweet. OF COURSE the teddy gets a chair! Why wouldn't he?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I know right! I don't know why I even questioned it! Of course he needs a chair haha, thanks for looking! :)