Introduction: (Temporary) Alternative Way to Play MP3s in Your Older Vehicle

I'm liking more and more the idea of carrying my music with me wherever I go, particularly because I don't like leaving my physical copies unattended in my truck. I had thought about making copies of my CDs to leave in my vehicle (that way if they got stolen, who cares), but having so many CDs floating around would get crowded really fast, especially when you drive a Ford Ranger.

At the moment I cannot afford to buy a new player for my truck, and Birthday and Christmas are still a ways away, so for the time being I've cobbled something together.

Step 1: Materials I Gathered...

*Glue gun (not shown)

*Long strip of elastic band

*Scissors (not shown)

*Portable speakers

*Small, skinny box

Step 2: Placement...

There's a slot just below my radio that is wasted space. I believe it was intended for CD storage, but even when crammed in, they'd fall out at the slightest inclination. However, it's in a prime location to mount my portable speakers to: not in the way of the radio, easy to reach, and won't obstruct my view.

Step 3: Making Sure It Fits...

The box I managed to find was perfect! It fits nice in snug. It's not going anywhere while I drive but at the same time it's relatively easy to pull out if need be.

Step 4: Nope...

I wish to share my fail on this project.

Initially I was going to try and use some magnetic clasps used for purses I had laying about. They are pretty strong magnets for clasping, but not with the weight and angle of portable speakers.

So, plan B..

Step 5: Hot Glue...

I cut the elastic, wrapped most of it around the box and glued them together on the back and broad sides, leaving a "measured" loop for the speakers to slide through in front. In hind sight, I might not have needed to wrap it all around the box, but maybe that'll strengthen it more?

Because my speakers are shaped irregularly, I made one loop larger than the other.

And hey, look at that, I think this just might work!

Step 6: Moment of Truth...

Success! The speakers are in place and not going anywhere.

I may not be able to pump some mad bass, but I can at least enjoy having my music with me, without worry of the speakers slipping out and tumbling to my feet.