Tennis Ball Ladybird

Introduction: Tennis Ball Ladybird

You'll need:

1 tennis ball

1 red balloon

2 googly eyes

1 pipe cleaner

A few buttons - black for true authenticity

Marker pen

Step 1: Cut a Tennis Ball in Half

Step 2: Take a Standard Size Balloon and Cut As Shown.

Step 3: Stretch Balloon Over the Ball

Step 4: Mark Out Features

Draw a line down the centre to create the two wings. Then mark out head and tail. I used a shot glass to draw the semi-circle for the head. My line is wonky as I tried to reposition the balloon after drawing.

Step 5: Stick on the Eyes

Step 6: Using a Skewer, Pierce Two Holes for the Antennae

Step 7: Make Two Antennae From Pipe Cleaners

Twist them at one end to make a small ball then push into the holes you just made

Step 8: Stick on the Buttons

Step 9: Finally Pose With Your Creation

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    Andre Lubbock
    Andre Lubbock

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, and they conveniently come in any colour and size you want. I bought a mixed bag from a $2 shop