Introduction: Tetra Pak Bird Box Idea.

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This video shows how I made a bird nest box out of old Tetra Pak containers. These containers apparently don't break down easily in the landfill, and are complicated to recycle, so I had this idea to make bird nesting boxes out of them. Saves cutting down the essential trees to make bird boxes....These containers are waterproof, so they should hold up to the weather. It was one of those ideas I had to try. If I make another one I will fold the roof over the back edge to make it completely water proof. There's room for improvement and I'm not entirely convinced if this is a good idea, so let me know what you think in the comments box below, good idea, terrible idea, environmental catrastrophe waiting to happen etc ?

All you need to make this is 3 1litre Tetra Paks, Stapler, glue, and a nail/screw and washers to attach it.