Introduction: Textured Water Bottle Umbrella

Tools You Will Need

1. Umbrella Base (can be used or new)

2. 6, Cases (24 pack) of recycled water bottles

3. 1, 2 Liter clear recycled bottle

3. Hot glue gun

4. Scissors

5. Exacto Knife

5. Pencil

6. Fishing Line / Monofilament Multi-purpose line

7. Large format butchers paper

Step 1: Purchase an Umbrella for the Base

Purchase or find an umbrella of your choice to use as the base.

Step 2: Remove Current Plastic / Fabric

Carefully remove the current plastic or fabric from the umbrella base.

1. Use Exacto blade to remove the plastic by cutting the thread attaching the plastic to the wire framing.

2. Do this for each spoke of the umbrella and then cut around the top to remove completely.

Step 3: Prep Umbrella Base for Draping

Prep the Umbrella base by making sure that all plastic covering and threads are removed from the spokes.

Step 4: Save Materials

Save the plastic covering for later use in creating accurate measurements.

Step 5: Re-form the Umbrella

Recreate the original umbrella form

1. Place umbrella in a stable environment (in my case, I used my couch cushions!).

2. Use fishing line / microfilament line to re-form the umbrella by looping it through the ends of each spoke.

3. Secure the position by double knotting the fishing line.

Step 6: Gather All Water Bottles and Cut Off Bottoms

Gather all recycled water bottles and use scissors or exacto blade to cut off the bottoms.

Step 7: Cut the Water Bottles in Half

Use scissors to cut the body of the water bottle in half, and then remove the neck.

Step 8: Gater All Pieces and Dry

Gather together all water bottle halves and make sure they are completely dry.

Step 9: Measure Umbrella Base and Start Forming Shingles

Measure Umbrella Base

1. Use the original umbrella fabric (or a tape measure) to trace out the width of the umbrella base.

2. Start building out the umbrella shingles with a 1 in indent. That way there will be a snug fit when placed on the umbrella.

Step 10: Form Shingles

1. Using hot glue gun, attach bottle halves together in alternating pattern to create the wave / shingle.

2. Do this along the base you had previously traced out.

Step 11: Attach First Row of Shingles and Repeat

1. After finishing the first ring of shingles lay them over the umbrella and gently push to the bottom.

2. Repeat the shingle forming process and continue to layer on the umbrella base until you reach the top.

Step 12: Securing the Shingles

1. After you reach the third row of shingles, start to allow some overlap between layers.

2. For each layer, use shorter strips of shingles to form accurately on the dome shape.

3. After reaching the third layer, you can start to form the shingles directly on the umbrella form.

4. To ensure secure placement, use a little hot glue to hold each layer in place.

Step 13: Complete the Shingled Layers

Keep going all the way to the top!

Feel free to add a decorate element to the top like I did here (I used the bottom of a 2 liter bottle).

Step 14: Pose for the Camera!

** snap snap **


Step 15: Step 15: You're Done!