Introduction: Textured Weaving (optional Earring or Pin Holder)

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This is a pretty easy, textured weaving. Bonus points: it uses upcycled materials/remnants!

You can also use it as a pretty earring or pin/brooch holder.

Weaving is certainly nothing new, & you can find tips all over the internet. One resource is this ecourse by Rachel Denbow (pretty sure this is the one I got to try free early when it came out).

Step 1: Materials


  • mine is made from an old drawer (I think it's from the trash...haha), which I just added nails to

Yarn or string for for warp & 1st few rows of weft

  • warp: the string that you 1st put across the loom to weave the other material through
  • weft: the part you weave
  • I used scraps needle-felted or tied together
  • this might show a little, but probably not a whole lot

Variety of white (or whatever color you choose) material strips or strings

Such as:

  • lace
  • netting
  • yarn
  • ribbon
  • even towel strips & old stockings

Dowel or tubing

  • I cut down a piece of tubing I had
  • you could also use a dowel, rod, or small fallen twig

Earrings &/or pins to decorate the weaving


Crochet hook or plastic needle

Step 2: Warp!

Thread your yarn around the nails.

At the beginning & the end, just tie a loop so it stays around the nail.

Step 3: Weave!

Weave the shorter tail of the same yarn you used for the warp several "stitches" over.

Weave a few rows with this yarn as well.

Step 4: Keep Weaving!

Weave as far as you want with whatever method you choose.

You can try regular weaving, fringe, & more!

Use a variety of fabrics & textures (well, if you want).

Step 5: Remove Warp

Remove the warp little by little. Start at the bottom, then tie off the top.

Cut each loop & tie with double knots to secure.

Leave ends (those will be taken care of soon).

Step 6: Ends

Weave the ends in. You can use something like a crochet hook or a plastic needle.

Step 7: Finish It Up!

Add your dowel or tubing at the top of the weaving.

Use a piece of lace or other material to "sew" around the tubing.

Add a strip of material for hanging the weaving.

Finally, add your jewelry wherever you want!

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