Introduction: Textured Paint Candle Holders

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This tutorial idea comes from Lynn Pavey.

Do you know what it’s like when you try one idea and it turns into another? Sometimes the result can be better than you think. That’s what happened when we tried using left over paint to decorate wood blocks. We found these small wood blocks at Bunnings which are used to stack under sofa legs to add height and protect the floor. We started by painting on primer, then a layer of glue, but the surface crackled and blistered. The result created an interesting effect because the base colour shows through the crackled paint. By adding another element (strips of muslin) and finishing off with a highlight colour. The textured finish turns a useful item into an decorative accessory for a table setting. The trick to creating this textured painted finish is to have an oil-based primer as the base, add a layer of paint, then aquadhere glue, then add another light layer of paint as a highlight colour. For trying out different colour combinations if you don’t have colours you want, buy the small sample paint pots. We’ve use the small rounded wood blocks as candle holders, but they could be used for other things in a small display – holding a feather, a sprig of dried flowers or herbs. Try it yourself with different types of paint and see what you come up with. It’s the fun part of the creative process. You never quite know where you end up!

Step 1:

Materials you’ll need

Wood sofa “feet” (we found these at Bunnings)Oil-based Paint primer (we used Dulux Primer, Sealer and undercoat)Paint (use two or three colours for the item). Use house paint for walls or woodwork *Aquadhere glueSmall pieces of muslin or a sheer textured cloth2 PaintbrushesRubber gloves (optional)* For the Asiatic finish, we used three paint colours – red for the base coat, rust coloured exterior gloss paint, highlight with gold vinyl paint (for artists). For this effect, use the same technique in the tutorial steps but add another layer of paint. First use primer, then a layer of red water-based paint . Paint or rub on the glue and bits of muslin. When almost dry, lightly paint on a layer of rust coloured exterior gloss paint. This is where the paint separates creating the crackled effect. As a last step to add a highlight, rub on a gold vinyl artist’s paint (from art supply shops). * For the Pastel blue candle holders in this tutorial we used two colours – pale blue as base paint, white paint as a highlight.

Step 2:

Paint the wood block or item with Paint primer.

Step 3:

Paint on the colour paint you want. Don’t make it too neat, small gaps revealing the primer is good. The order is plain, with primer, with coloured paint over primer.

Step 4:

The order is paint with primer, then when dry, paint with coloured paint over primer.

Step 5:

Tear small strips of muslin, keep the edges uneven and stringy. This is the look you want.

Step 6:

Squeeze the glue onto the item, paint the surface or smudge it around with your fingers.

Step 7:

Stick the bits of muslin on. Apply at angles and unevenly. It’s supposed to look messy

Step 8:

Let it dry and touch up with more paint. Ta Da! Textured pastel candlestick holders.

Step 9:

Asiatic-inspired painted finish