Thanksgiving Brussel Sprout Salad




Introduction: Thanksgiving Brussel Sprout Salad

Delicious and time consuming but not hard to make!

Plan for a couple of hours, more if hand chopping.

This recipe is for 8 -10 ppl
You may need to double it

Ingredient list:

About a pot full of brussel sprouts
8-10 shallots
Cider vinegar
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
1-2 cups of pomegranate seeds
2 tubs crumbled blue cheese or Stilton. Or 1.5 bricks.
3/4 cup roughly chopped nuts (I like hazelnuts)

Step 1: Start the Dressing First

Before you do anything else, start with chopping one shallot very finely. Add about 1 cup of cider vinegar the shallots and put aside. You can also add one chopped clove of garlic if you like.

If you can't find shallots use yellow onions and 2 garlics.

Step 2: Prep the Brussel Sprouts

Wash them and cut off all the nasty brown stumps. This may take a while.

Step 3: Slice the Sprouts

Hopefully you have access to a food processor. If you do, find the slicer attachment and set it to medium.

If not you will have to do it manually using a sharp knife.

Slice all the sprouts decently thin.

Put sliced sprouts into largest bowl you have or two bowls and set aside.

Step 4: Prep the Shallots

Use more shallots than you think because they cook down.

Cut off ends.

Peel them by slitting the outer skin down lengthwise and then lifting the corner up to take outer skin off.

In food processor, use same setting to slice shallots.

If no processor, cut in half length wise and then slice.

Step 5: Sauté Shallots

In a large sauté pan pour about 1/4 cup of olive oil and a pat of butter.

Turn heat to medium and as oil gets hot throw in shallots.

Turn heat down to medium low and let shallots cook until translucent. About 5-7 mins. Keep stirring in pan.

Turn the heat back up to medium and allow shallots to get brown, stirring often.

Add a bit of salt but not too much.

The rule w salt is that you can always ad more but you can't take it out.

Let shallots get dark but not burned. Take them off the heat and set aside to cool.

Step 6: Toast the Nuts

If your nuts are not chopped, pulse in the food processor or blender until very roughly chopped. Do not over chop.

Toast the either I. The oven, the toaster oven or in the pan on med low heat.

Stir occasionally.

I only takes about 5 seconds for them to go from toasty to burned so watch them VERY CAREFULLY.

When they are toasted taken off pan off heat to cool.

Set aside.

Step 7: Make the Dressing

First add some salt and pepper to your vinegar and shallot mix. Not too much since you are going to put salty cheese in too.

Then add about a tablespoon of either agave syrup, maple syrup, honey or sugar (need to stir in vigorously).

Then add about half a cup of crumbled blue cheese and mix as much as possible.

Finish with salt to taste (if needed) and 2 tablespoons of olive oil or less.

Step 8: Make the Salad

Make sure all your ingredients are cool.

Combine the sprouts with the shallots, the Pom seeds, the nuts (make sure no one is allergic first) and the rest of the blue cheese crumbles. Toss to mix. You can also add dried cranberries if you don't have pomegranate or in addition to if you want the salad to be sweeter.

After mixing our half the dressing on and mix again.

Taste. If not saturated keep outing more on until perfect.

If you end up without enough dressing, quickly mix a bit of salt and vin and add to salad.

It's the best after sitting about 1 hour.

Ta da!

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    7 years ago

    Sounds delicious, can't wait to make it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is interesting. I'm from the Netherlands, where we eat a lot of Brussels sprouts, especially during winter. But I never considered using them raw. I may be missing out!

    One sprouts recipe deserves another:


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, you weren't kidding . . . this does look like a lot of work!

    But it sure looks tasty!