The 3DCM (Card Multi Tool)

Introduction: The 3DCM (Card Multi Tool)

I own a multi tool, it does its job but it's too big and clumsy to carry on a daily basis. One day, I saw this video of top 5 inventions, it included a card multi tool wich you can carry every day, and I thought "you can 3Dprint that!" So, here it is a 3D printed card multi tool. It has 10 tools (wich will be shown in step 2). It's thin, it's credit card sized and you can fit it inside your wallet!

Step 1: The Video

OK, so the first step is to watch the video so you get an idea of how I made this design.


  • I started off by creating a sketch of the individual tools.
  • Then, I arranged and joined the parts.
  • After that, I made the comb and joined it with the rest of the sketch.
  • Finally, I extruded the parts and polished them (this is not in the video)

Step 2: All the Tools

The multi tool has a comb (I was going to put a ruler instead but let's be serious, who would use an 8cm ruler?), a Phillips screwdriver, a 2mm Allen wrench, a knife blade, a bobbin on wich you can put fishing thread and use it to catch fish, a bottle opener, a flat screwdriver, a #5 and a #6 wrench and a match holder.

Step 3: Printing It!

The last step will be to print the multitool, I have attached the STL file wich you can open with your favorite slicer software.

If you liked this project leave a comment.

Thanks, Enjoy!

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