Introduction: The AMAZING Recyclable "One-Day" Sandals

Me being the forgetful person I am, I tend to not pack important things for trips such as, Chargers, Laptops, Books and Footwear. I decided to try and make a pair of cardboard sandals just in time for the summer heat. My plan was to make footwear accessible to everyone that would hopefully hold up for a minimum of one day or more. The reason why I used cardboard is because its (Magical) easy to work with and can be stored very easily. Happy Making!!!


  • Cardboard
  • Duct Tape


  • X-Acto Knife

Step 1: Trace It

First off, your going to want to loosely trace your foot (I used my cousin's). Cut out that stencil and now you have your form. This is the template that you will use to make the sandals. One side of the template is for the left pair, and the other side for the right pair.

P.S: As someone that plans to make multiple pairs I would strongly recommend writing the foot size including whether its in Men's or Women's shoe sizes.

Step 2: Draw It

Use your stencil to draw on the cardboard as I did in the photo. For the strap, measure the top of your foot, then add a few centimeters so you have some "wiggle" room.

Step 3: Cut It

Cut out your shape. make sure to trace on the outside of your lines.

Step 4: Fold It

Fold as seen in the photo. Round off the strap.

Step 5: Tape It

You can tape it any way you like, however for simplicity's sake, I used two strips of tape right behind the strap. I say use duct tape because of its durability but I lost my roll of tape a few days back so I decided just to use carpenters tape for now.

Step 6: Test It

After making a pair, walk around in it. I recommend making travel sized sheets containing a left shoe and right shoe and leaving them in your car or suitcase. Make sure you have some duct tape, but let's get real here; What kind of DIY'er doesn't have duct tape with them at all times? (Other than me)

Step 7: Use It

I hope you enjoyed making this as much as I did, have fun!!!

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