Introduction: The Auto Loading Potato Cannon

Well, I made a trigger system for a potato cannon that, when you push up on the trigger, it opens a small 1/2 valve and sprays the AXE body spray into the now open valve. When you release the trigger it shuts off the AXE, and shuts the valve. Then you can pull back on the trigger which is connected to one of those "long-lighter sparker" it jumps a small arc across the combustion chamber- igniting it. Now, all of you potato cannoneers like me can appreciate the speed and ease of this system, you no longer have to unscrew the back of it, tilt it open, spray it in, close it before it escapes, make sure the threads are lined up, find your igniter, aim, then fire, - That all takes about 30seconds, well this system (once it is already loaded with a projectile) only takes 3 seconds. The only problem I have now is that it looks like a bomb. Soon I will be making this cannon into a six shot revolver, my next instructable, and most B.A. potato cannon of all time. Happy shooting!