The BAMP Pistol

Introduction: The BAMP Pistol

This is my first instructable so please go easy on my.

The BAMP (bolt action magazine pistol) MK1 is a small, piece efficient, knex magazine pistol.


Decent range

Low jam rate

Effective magazine with 8 bullets or less

Piece efficient


Jams with more than 8 bullets

Could have better range

Trigger sometimes falls out of place

Without further ado, let us start the building

Step 1: Piece List

The BAMP pistol is very piece efficient


Green: 25

White: 21

Red: 2

Grey 1 (must be sharpened if not it will jam)

White with ends cut off: 1


Dark grey: 3

Light grey: 3

Red: 2

Green: 2

White: 12

Orange: 15

Blue: 3


Y clip: 2

Dark grey connector with half hole cut off: 2

Step 2: Magazine

Magazine holds green rods

1.Make/assemble these pieces

2.Connect two white rods to the white connectors

3.Add the first side

4.Close of with the two other white connectors

5.Add the other side

6.Get this

7.Add the cut rod

8.Add the other side

9.Insert and this is what you should have

Step 3: Basic Barrel

The barrel is relatively small and easy to make

1.Gather these parts

2.Add white rods to side

3.Add top bar

4.Add the other white side

5.Add white rod and red connector

6.Add the other bottom piece

Done the barrel

Step 4: Trigger

The trigger is not the usual type of knex trigger

1.Gather these parts (sorry I left out a few)

2.Make these two

3.Take one and put a white rod on it

4.Put a blue clip on it

5.Add the other green handy thingy

6.Add a white rod on the Y clips

7.Add this part on the rod

8.Add two green rods on the side

9.Add two blue clips on the green rods

10.Add a white rod on one of the trigger halves

11.Add a light grey connector

12.Add the other half

13.Add two dark grey connectors

Nearly there

Step 5: Assembly

Gather all the pieces you have made as well as the grey rod, lots of rubber bands, an orange connector and 4 white rods

1.Grab the magazine

2.Put it in place


4.Take the sharpened grey rod

5.Wrap a rubber band around it until very tight

6.Add orange connector

7.Add mag pusher and string up a rubber band with it

8.String up part 1 of the trigger

9.String up part 2 of the trigger

10.String up part 2 of the trigger with another band

11.Add the grey sharpened rod with as many bands as needed


Step 6: Mods?

Any mods are welcome so please comment


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    7 years ago

    Looks pretty cool! but could be improved.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I know it is not the best gun but it is meant to be for people that don't have much knex. I can make much better guns. Just about to make a rifle now. Thanks for feedback though :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    First instructable? Nice work!

    This looks like a fun, fairly easy to make knex gun. Thanks!