Introduction: The Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing

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I am going to be talking about the beginner's guide to 3D printing and basic tips you need to get started

Step 1: Get the Printer

Know which 3D printer you want to use. When I first started out, I got the Hero X Delta, which is relatively cheap. It isn't the best of printers, but this was my starter. Then I upgrading to using more advanced ones like the Maker Bot.

Step 2: Software

The second step is to obviously install the drivers and software you need for the printer you bought

Step 3: Convert Your 3D Model

Converting your 3D model to G-Code if needed and making sure it is the right size is an important step. After you done so, calibrate the 3D printer and start printing your model. Make sure to choose the right temperatures (depending on your model) as well as to grease up or glue the glass bed.

Step 4: Printing the First Layer

Make sure the entire first layer of your print is printed correctly. Sometimes if you don't stay and watch the first layers being printed, it could end up not sticking and being a messed up and wasted print.

Step 5: Enjoy and Essentials

Enjoy your print, and make sure to check out these extra tips I found from 3D printing nerd.